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Title: Cool Pony

Description: Do you want to be offered something that is in the same time very interesting and easy to play? Well, what we have here for you is a very simple, but very nice puzzle horse game that will give you the chance both to test some of your skills and also enjoy some really nice photographs with ponies. Ponies, as you might already know, are those funny little horses that are incredibly cute. For all those who love them this will be a really nice once again to have an encounter with them. But, it's not only that you will get! You should know that puzzle games are one of those that are really good for testing and improving your mental skills and helps you to focus on a problem. As long as you keep yourself focused, the more chances you have in solving that problem. You should try this!

Game Walkthrough: You will be given a picture of a very cute pony as it carelessly runs through the beautiful and green grass fields. On the upper part of the screen you will see lots of pieces of a puzzle which when completed should match the picture of the pony below. It is not so easy at it may seem at first sight, but it is neither something that is too difficult. It only means that you should be focused in order to complete the puzzle. The good thing is that once you have a match the connected puzzles will be on their place and you can drag them as a single piece. Because there are many pieces that are overlapping, it is highly recommended to start with the ones that define the edges of picture because they can be easily recognized. Go and check your skills!

Game Instructions: Well, it is time to be introduce with some details about the game controls. To play this game you will need your mouse only. Click and hold the left mouse button to move the pieces of the puzzle. So, drag and drop the pieces to complete the picture.

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