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Title: The circus pony

Description: There is no person in the world that doesn’t enjoy going to a circus, ok, except the ones that are afraid of clowns but their number is not so big anyway. In circus we can see many unusual sights like strange looking people that perform incredible stunts like swallowing fire or making some acrobatics; then numerous animals that are so good trained that they are able to act even as humans and perform many stunts as well… One of the animals that can be usually found in the circuses are horses. You may see then riding in different styles, jumping through burning circles but also you can see them together with some girl that performs something over their back. Many people remember horses in circus because they have their first ride on a horse right there.

Game Walkthrough:So this game is your chance to feel the spirit of the circus attraction taking a direct part in it. You see your cute pony horse that has a role to jump through burning circles and your task is to guide him through them. This won’t be easy at all because very sharp reflexes are required to catch the right moment and take a jump. We are sure that you don’t like to burn your horse so you will give try in order to stay in the game as long as you could. The game gives you five lives which means five chances to make a wrong jump but after you lose them all, the game will be over.

Game Instructions:Your main task in this game is to jump and this action will be performed by using the space bar. However this jumping needs to be done in the right moment so sometimes you will have to speed up or brake to be able to predict that moment. Your horse goes straight by his own but for speeding up you will use the right arrow key while for slowing down, the left arrow key. The game is in Chinese but that is not a problem because there is only one place where you can click with the mouse and the game begins.

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