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Title: Whiskered Away

Description: Do you remember Merlin the magician? Well, we guess you do! However, in this awesome game you won`t have to do anything with Merlin, but with a boy called Pass and his Donkey! So, if you are asking what Merlin has to do with this game, let`s find out!!!

Game walkthrough: Well, it seems that Merlin has used his magical powers to transfer Puss and Donkey back to Far Away so they can lend a hand to save the kingdom. But things didn`t worked out as he planned! By the way, a little mistake occurred! Yeah, just a slight mistake…well, it is not a slight mistake! The boy and the donkey actually realized that they have switched bodies. Now they must race back to Merlin so that he can switch them back at the same time as changing to their new physical forms. So come on! You have to help these two creatures with inverted bodies to get back to Merlin as soon as possible! But be careful! The road is not that flat! There are many obstacles you will have to overcome! Yeah, you will have to jump over water; you will have to watch the trees in front of you and so on! You should catch the flying magic orbs to get extra bonus points. Have in mind that you have three lives in this game. And if you want to get to the end of the game, you will have to pass through all four levels successfully! It is a really adventurous game, so get ready to have some fun, riding this donkey!!!

Game Instructions: And now let`s see what controls you need to use to play this awesome horse o better to say donkey game! Well, you should use the right arrow key to make Puss and Donkey jump over brooks. You should use the up arrow key to launch Puss high into the air to clear branches. You should practice a little in order to get used to the controls, but after you do this, you won`t have any difficulties dealing with the obstacles! So, if you are ready for this adventure, go ahead and have fun!!!

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desi360 (22 February 2013):
this is the funyest game i had ever pladyed in years Cool
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