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Title: Pony Parade Dress Up

Description: Ponies on parade! That would be an amazing sight to see! One pony is cute enough but imagine numerous of them walking on the streets, all dressed up and prepared for the occasion, that would be a real enjoyment! And important for every kind of parade is its participants to look great so usually there is a whole team of people that takes care for the participants to look as it should. Do you think that you are prepared to take this kind of job and try yourself as a pony stylist?

Game Walkthrough: Your beautiful pony is in his stable, waiting for you to create the perfect look for the occasion. She is one nice young lady and she deserves the best so do everything you can to please her. On the both sides from the pony there are fields reserved for different parts of the pony’s styling. Those fields are something like this pony’s wardrobe because there you can find many, many perfect pieces and options so give them a try. So, what do you have there for experimenting there? You may start with the skin – that option means that you can change the color of the skin. After that go for finding perfect-matching hoots and continue with the hair. When it comes about the hair, you can change the color but also you may find suitable hairstyle. You can go for long hair, or maybe locks, maybe some shorter variant… You can also make your pony very attractive by adding some wings but also you are allowed to put some fancy tattoo on her. Similar to this tattoos are the leg decors and it is recommended those segments to match but if you like, you can go for something completely different and unpredictable. To finish the look find a nice saddle and put some jewelry on you pony, there are a lot of beautiful necklaces available. When you have complete the look, select ‘done’ and you will see the whole picture.

Game Instructions: You’ll be using the mouse for playing this game. You have the fields around the pony and by clicking on them with the left mouse button you may see all options and leave the one that you like most.

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