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Title: Rainbow Unicorn

Description: In the stories and the legends unicorns are presented as wonderful creatures, horses with a horn on their head and sometimes wings. But since there are no unicorns today, we could only imagine how they actually look like and in our imagination everything is permitted, but not just in our imagination, that goes for the games too…

Game walkthrough: The following game will give you a chance to express your imaginations when it comes about this beautiful creature, giving him total makeover. Your unicorn is positioned somewhere in the sky and near to him there is a rainbow. His surrounding is not very important to you because in the next minutes you will be a creator of one completely new unicorn. At the bottom of the picture there are 10 small icons that represent different parts of the unicorn that allow to be changed. In the legends unicorns are usually presented as white but since this game is a result of your own imagination, you can do whatever you like, which means that you can go for every color that you wish, choosing between pink, yellow, green, even blue. It is time to change the tale of the unicorn. You may go for one color but also you may use the colors of the rainbow. Same goes for the colors of the mane and here there are also few hairstyles included so go for the one that you think that fits your unicorn best. As we said previously, some unicorns are presented with wings so you may choose this variant and pick out from the available ones. The eyes of your unicorn can also be in your preferred color and you also have many options when it comes about the horn. Once you are done with those basic things, you may continue with beautifying the unicorns, decorating him with different accessories. You can put him necklace, interesting horseshoes, but also you may go for some body-decoration. You may also put a mask on your unicorn and he would be ready for a masquerade too.

Game instructions: If you have the mouse in your hand, then you have everything for playing the game. Click with the left mouse button on the icons and see all the options. When you find something interesting, leave it and go for the next option.

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