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Title: Ranch Girl Jane

Description: When you live on a ranch, there are some dressing rules that you must follow and obey, not just fashion wise but also because you must survive the heat and the high grass at the same time. So, a hat and high boots are a must when you are out there. There is also a special outfit when you are riding a horse which you must obey, as well as some items you must wear for your own safety.

Game walkthrough: And the reason why I talked about the dress code when on ranch is because in this next game, you are going to be the fashion consultant and you will need to help this girl, who is on a ranch for the first time, dress accordingly. However, since I do not know if you are familiar with the dress code, I felt the need to tell you a bit about it. Your job will be to dress the girl either for a walk around the ranch, or maybe for some work in the fields, or even for a horse ride. Remember, these are all situations that require different outfits, so you better get them right. You will have a closet full of clothes on disposal, so you can choose for hours and mix and match until you get it right.

Game instructions: As for the instructions, this game could not be any easier to play. All you need is the mouse, in order to choose the outfits. On the screen, on your right and left side, you will see a lot of clothes hanging, from pants, skirts, to boots and hats, so what you need to do is decide what you want to put on the girl and then just click on that item with your left mouse button, drag it and release it once on the girl. Do this with all the items, and once you are done and satisfied with the look, click on the show icon so that you can see your final result. Have fun!

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