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Title: Steeplechase Challenge

Description: Many people agree that horses are among the most beautiful animal. Especially they are so much adored by large number of people is that they are very easily domesticated and they are very powerful. One of the places where you can assure yourself in that is the hippodrome where races are held. This is a very simple horse race game that will give you the opportunity to compete with three other jockeys. Well, if you think you are ready to try this, you're welcome! Don't miss the chance to be the new champion! We believe you can do that if you try hard.

Game Walkthrough: You will have a chance to race for a title in this very short but really fast race competing with another three jockeys and they horses. In each next race you will have one less chance to use your whip. On the upper right of the screen you can see your score. Of course the main target in the race is to win and nothing less. It is really important to score more in each race. So, the main goal in the game is too win as many races as you can, one after another. To be a real champion you must prove that you can defend the title. You must do that in order to show that you did not win in the previous races by chance. The good thing about its simplicity is that you can focus on the jump and the whipping. You must focus on the jump and try to avoid all the hurdles. Don't let any of them to slow you down because that will be decisive for the final result.

Game Instructions: To play this simple but interesting horse game, you should use the mouse. There is no need to press anything to make the horse run, but if you want it to run faster, you should whip it. You can do that using the mouse by clicking the left mouse button over the whip field on the bottom of the screen. You should do the same to perform the jump over the hurdles.

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magestic beauty (18 January 2014):
WOO WOO!!!!! I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!
LUV2RIDE (1 December 2013):
It's kind of weird
lol (6 March 2013):
good game
wolfrainer44 (20 January 2013):
Hell Yeah!  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
2012survivorgirl09 (19 December 2012):
This Game Rules But Gets Boring Happy
magestic beauty (27 August 2012):
THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!!! Happy  Cool  Clap hands
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