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Title: Beautiful Brown Horse Puzzle

Description: Horses are one of the most beautiful animals on earth! I hope you agree with this! They are so gracious and yet so powerful creatures! Well, if you like horses and if you like puzzle games, you have an opportunity to enjoy playing this game called Beautiful Horse Puzzle!

Game Walkthrough: I hope that you have played puzzle games before! So, if you have, you know the rules of these games, but if you haven`t played them before, this is a perfect chance to see what is it all about! Well, here is what you need to do….as soon as you open the game you will immediately see many, many pieces of a picture scattered around. These pieces are actually segments of a picture depicting a beautiful horse. This means that you have a task to combine all these pieces together in order to regain the whole picture. Maybe it looks very confusing and chaotic, but don`t worry! Here are some tips you should use that will help you solve the puzzle more easily…by the way, in that bunch of pieces you will see some of them with one flat side! Well, these pieces are actually those that form the outer parts of the pictures, so after you find all of them and place them to the appropriate place, it will be much easier to continue with the rest of the pieces. Another thing you should have in mind is that as soon as you get close two matching pieces, they will stick together, so you don`t have to worry that you might lose them! Be patient until you finish it all…you know, you can`t resolve it immediately, so one by one, it will be done!!!

Game Instructions: Since this is a click and drag kind of game, the only tool you need is your computer mouse…So, click on a certain piece and move it around by holding the left mouse button in order to find its right place. It is such an easy, but yet very challenging game! Have fun and as soon as you resolve the whole puzzle, enjoy in picture of the beautiful horse!!!

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