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Title: Fantasy Horse Maker

Description: Do you believe in magic and fantasy? While we are little, it is easier for us to believe in all sorts of things because we are still not hit with the reality and the problems people face every day, we are happy and without any worry in the world. That is the time when we believe in fairies, Santa Claus, even zombies. And I am not saying that all of these things do not exist, but it is up to you as an individual to decide what you believe in.

Game walkthrough: This is a game of fantasy. In it you are going to enter a magical world in which everything is possible. Your task in this interesting game will be to make your horse as magical and fantastic as you can. There are a lot of things you can choose and change in order to do this, but in the end it is up to your own imagination and creativity. You can choose the color; the background, whether it is going to be some standard horse color or something extraordinary, and the background can be some magical forest or even the beach. Once you are done and happy with what you have made, you can save the picture to your computer and then maybe make a new one.

Game instructions: In order to interact with the environment and make all of these choices you will need to use your mouse. On the screen you will see the horse and on the right side of it there are all the choices you can make. First on the list is the color of the horse, and then comes the background, and then the color of the background. When you make the choice all you need to do is click on the color or background you have chosen with your left mouse button. Once you are done and you are satisfied with the appearance of your fantasy horse, you can click on the save to disk icon and save the picture on your computer. Use your imagination and make the best fantasy horse ever!

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stellito (18 February 2013):
Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy
ccggdd (5 November 2012):
i totally agree with both of you
barrelracingbabe (10 September 2012):
i love it!!!!
best game eva!!! Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Wave
magestic beauty (6 September 2012):
THIS GAME RULES THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy  Happy  Clap hands  Wave  Cool  Wink  @
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