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Title: Dragon Fable-Fire Spawn

Description: Are you ready for a new role? Well, it is time to get ready for something really interesting! You are Galanoth, born in a small village to a humble family of farmers and blacksmiths. But you were a small boy when your fate was decided by the hot winds from the south brought death and destruction. It was a wind of fire made by fire dragons that swooped out the sky. A great disaster followed, and you were the only one that survived, thanks to your mother who wrapped you in a sheet she had make impervious to flame. One day later, when everything was over and the village thoroughly destroyed, a roving mercenary party found you and took you as their own. Years passed, and your only thought is to revenge your family. You found the famed blacksmith Yulgar and he fashioned you an impenetrable suit. As a remainder of all you have lost as a child you decided to wear the enchanted sheet made by your mother, the one that saved your life. That is how you became the head of the order of Dragonslayers, the army you recruited for the final battle with the Dragons.

Game Walkthrough: There are two objectives in the game to complete it. It is very important to avoid obstacles on your way. There are some pointy cacti, hard rocks and burning flames. Don't forget that there are Dragons that are attacking you and you should do everything you can to avoid them. You should fire at the Dragon at every chance you get to defeat it. Try to aim at their mouth, because, it is more painful that an arrow in the hand. There is also an option to level up, each time you take 500 HP off the Dragon.

Game Instructions: To play this game it is required to use both your mouse and the keyboard. Use your mouse to move the cursor across the screen in order to aim at the dragon. With a left mouse click you can fire arrows at it. Using the up arrow key you can perform a jump, to avoid the obstacles. And, also you can move left and right, using the left and right arrow keys.

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