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Title: Pony Paradise

Description: Welcome to paradise, and not just any paradise, but pony paradise. I will explain a bit more about this game in the next passage, let me first just explain, for all of you who have doubts, that pony in not the baby of a horse, it is a totally different type of horses, which have shorter legs and are quite smaller than the horses we are used to seeing, and this is why most people get them confused with baby horses. And now that we have this clear, we can move to the next passage and see what this game is all about.

Game walkthrough: In this game you are going to meet a pony and a beautiful girl. Both of them are here for you to make them pretty. You are going to have all the freedom you like and all the clothes and items you need in order to make them the best looking pair for the upcoming show. There are quite a lot combinations that you can make, change the girl’s hairstyle, the color of her skin, dress her up in all kinds of beautiful and fashionable clothes and put on all kinds of accessories. But remember, this does not only apply to the girl, you can dress up the pony as well. You can even see to it that they are matching. All you need to do is use your imagination and you are good to go.

Game instructions: This game is played with the help of your mouse. On the screen, on both sides, you will notice icons that represent different items. Some are for the skin color, some are for hairstyles and others are for clothes and accessorize. All you need to do is choose what you wish to change and then just click on the icon representing that thing. You will need to click with your left mouse button, and you will need to click several times in order to see all the different choices you have. So now if you are ready, and your imagination is it is highest, you can start creating!

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