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Title: Horse Racing 6

Description: For some people, especially for those that have been racing for quite some time, there is nothing more thrilling in life like the adrenalin rush you get while you are speeding down the road, and it does not have to be just the road, you can also speed in water and in air. The key word here is speeding. And this is the key word when we talk about any kind of racing. And today we are going to discuss, in more detail, the horse racing, which in short means jockeys on horses running down a marked path.

Game walkthrough: If you thought that you would be racing here in this game, let me tell you from the start that this is not the case here. I do not want to get your hopes up, even though, when it comes to horse races, not everything is in the racing, there is something which some people might find even more interesting, and that is the betting. Here you will get to spend the entire day betting. And not only that, you will get to choose the horses that you want to race and then you will decide how much to bet on them. Once you do this, all that is left for you is to cheer and hope that the horse you have put your bet on wins. Sometimes this is more exciting than actually being in the race, so give it a try, I am sure that, if you are into horse racing, you will sure like this as well.

Game instructions: Once you press the start button you will get to make your choices. Just use your mouse and the left mouse button to decide which horses to race and how much money to put on them. Once you are done with all of this, you need to press the race icon and the race will begin. All you can do after the start of the race is cheer or boo the horses and hope that your horse wins. If this happens, you will earn some cash which you can use to buy some things inside the game. So choose carefully and use the cash wisely!

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