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Title: My Unicorn Style

Description: People like to look good and have their own style but why donít even unicorn horses go for that? Or this is more up to the person that owns a unicorn, because the unicorn canít take care for himself alone in that sense. And what do you think you to be a unicorn stylist? Does that sound like a nice job for you?

Game Walkthrough: This beautiful horse game includes two games in it that will ask from you to show two types of skills. The first game is a regular dress up game. You have your unicorn in the picture and your task is to make him look beautiful. At the left side there are small icons for each part of the unicorn that can be changed. The list starts with the mane, then is the tale, wings, decorations and horse shoes. When you choose some of those icons, you get many options like different styles of mane and tails, different decorations like tattoos or accessories and things like that. Besides the shapes and styles, you can also change the colors. For that you also have icons at the bottom of the picture. If you feel that you donít have inspiration at the moment to create the unicornís style, you can go for already completed styles. For that you should go on the cube and you will see what the developers of the game have created for the unicorn. Aside from those segments, you can also change the background of the game. On other hand, the second game will wake up your observational skills a lot. Behind there is a unicorn with certain marks and in front there is your unicorn that needs to be make to look like the one behind. For that you should match each of his elements according to the shape and color. At the right side of the scene there is a meter that fills with every your right move.

Game Instructions: You do everything with the mouse. Once you click on some of the icons left, you get a certain change on the horse. As you continue clicking, you can see all available combinations. At the same time at the bottom of the picture appear numbers and you may also click on those numbers to change the options. The same controls go for both of the games.

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