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Title: Horsey Farm

Description: Not every one of us knows the joy of owning a horse. These creatures are so big but also so peaceful and cute at the same time. When I was young I head a wish to own a pony, you know the beautiful little horses. But since I live in an apartment in the city my parents never bought me a pony because we hadnít a place to keep it. Well, with ĎHorsey Farmí I have the chance to own a little horse, but in the virtual world. Know I see that owning this beautiful animal itís not just fun. Itís also hard work. Do you want to see it too?

Game Walkthrough: Congratulation! You own a horse and you can name him anyway you want to. But the thing is you need to take care of it which means you need to keep him healthy, feed him, wash him, play with him and do all sorts of things. The horse is placed in a farm and you are the one that need to keep him in A shape. No, you wonít ride him. But in here you will find out the full real life experience of having this animal. So, the horse is in front of you and at the bottom of the screen you have all sorts of bars that you need to keep an eye. These bars show you the status of the horse so if you see that (for example) the health bar is going down than take the animal to the hospital and fix that. In order to pass the first level each of the bars needs to be 60 percent or more full. So, common this cute little horsey is waiting for you. Take care of it and make him feel like a king.

Game Instructions: There is not much to say in the instruction part. The reason for that is the fact that you play this game only with the help of the computer mouse. So when you see that one of the bars is dropping just move the arrow over the horse, click on the left button and drag him to the place you want to take him. There is nothing left to say, except keep an eye on your horsey!

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