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Title: Princess 4

Description: Coloring books are something every child is excited about! And to divide those books or pictures on male and female itís little bit stupid because most of them are wonderful, but letís just say that there are certain topics that are more interesting for girls, and some that are more interesting for boys. And perhaps you havenít seen many coloring books in games, but here is one great, and since it is about a princess and her horse, we may say that probably it would be more interesting for the girls, but the boys are invited as well.

Game Walkthrough: So, what do you see here? There is one lovely princess that rides her beautiful horse, and little bit far from them, there is the princessís castle. Both of them took a nice walk in the near woods and now they are riding back home. As you may see the only color on this picture is white and only the outlines of the princess, the horse, the castle, and every other object, are given in black color. Your job in this game is to make this picture more realistic, choosing all the right colors so it would look more genuine, or you may go for other variant, making the whole picture look totally fantastic and choosing totally unusual colors. At the top of the picture there is the palette of colors that you may choose in the game, but also there is a brush, a container, something like sword and eraser. All those tools will serve you to make the picture colorful. With the container you fill a whole field with certain color while with the brush you color the field gradually, just like you are using a real brush. The tool that looks like sword, or maybe a syringe, is used for choosing color. In case that you donít like something youíve done, you can always use the eraser.

Game Instructions: The game will be played with the mouse. First you will click on the syringe, to fill it with color, and then click on the container or the brush, depending how you like to color the certain field. After that click on the picture, on the part that needs to be colored and thatís it. it is same when you like to erase something. You click on the eraser to choose it, and then click on the picture, but be careful with your moves because this eraser erases the outlines too, not just the color.

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magestic beauty (17 June 2014):
This game is boring.
SUPERTOBY (22 December 2012):
BoooooringgggSad D:
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