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Title: Forest Ride Game

Description: For all those survivors that have tried to cross a long distance and to travel a long way through some barren land, this will be just one more challenge, and nothing more. But this is indeed intended especially for those who think that it is easy to do that, those that have never tried to make such an effort and to accept such a challenge. So, folks it is time to get ready for a real adventure that will force you to fight to the last atom of your energy to survive the vast land that is almost impossible to cross. We said almost, ok? It means that there are some chances for completing the task. You will have a horse, but you must take care of it. It will be your vehicle and you must find some sources of energy. And what's that? Some water and fodder! Nothing more! Are you ready to accept this challenge?

Game Walkthrough: There are many obstacles on the road, so you should be really careful. If you want to score more, then you must avoid all the obstacles like rocks, logs, and stacks of hay. If you hit some of the obstacles it will cost you some points from your score. The good thing is that you can avoid them either by changing the direction, or by jumping over the obstacle. But you should know that every jump will cost you some horse energy. Try not to lose all the horse power because it will mean that you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. There will be no one that can help you there. Well you have some water and fodder on your way, so try to pick every barrel, except the ones that are empty.

Game Instructions: You can control your horse very simply. Use the mouse to make a selection of the place you want to ride in and then click the button which says Zum Austritt, that in fact is Exit, but in German. To move the horse you will have to use the arrow keys, so you should use the left, right, up and down arrow keys and plus the space bar to perform the jump when necessary. It is time to jump on your horse and start the ride!

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