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Title: Skate Horses

Description: What do you mean about horses and skateboards?! That sounds little bit strange but nothing is to strange when you need to develop a great game! Three super skilled horses driving skateboards on the streets, that sounds like a great fun! Take a look what is it concerning.

Game Walkthrough: Meet Chubby, Gorgeous and Flippo. They are three charming horses that are really well trained in riding skateboards. At the beginning of the game you need to choose which one of them will be your character and the adventure may begin. It is quite sure that all of them are professional riders so there is no chance to make a mistake in your choice, even if you choose Chubby who looks little bit fatÖ Once youíve chosen your character it is up to you to construct your skateboard. Actually at the beginning you can ride what is given for you but after you finish one race you will have enough money to make some changes. For example you can change the initial speed of the board, then the general maximum speed, but also you can change your skateboard in general and buy a new more professional model. So your task is to get to the end of the route, which means that you need to ride very fast but also to avoid all the obstacles that will come on your way. For your achievement you will be awarded with money which can be used for upgrades. Also donít forget to collect the coins that will come on your way because they will be also used for upgrades.

Game Instructions: To accelerate, you need to press the Up arrow key. For maximum push, accelerate when the bar is full. Besides the accelerate bar there is also a boost bar and you canít accelerate when the boost is activated. What time the boost bas is full it without your intervention and gives you boost of speed. In case that you hit an obstacle in the same moment, it stops from the point you were. For avoiding the obstacles, you will need to jump over them and for jumping you will use the space bar. You need to find the right moment for jumping because if you jump too soon or too late, your jump wonít serve you much.

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