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Title: Riding an Elephant

Description: Could you imagine replacing your bike or car with elephant? I supposed it is going to be really interesting experience riding an elephant for going on school, work, going out with friends… Just imagine the look of people’s face when they see you sitting on the top of that big beautiful creature. They are looking at you and wondering how you have courage to ride such a big animal. But, who cares…They can stare at you as long as they want. You are having your great time and you’re one of the rare people who go to school by elephant. Or, maybe you are the only one. Who knows…

Game Instructions: Maybe it’s hard to ride an elephant, but this game is really easy for playing. Just pick up the item you want, aim with the mouse on it and click on it by using the left control button. There is an option to pick a hair for the girl, a dress, a blouse, earrings, masks, shoes and everything else that a girl can dress. Also, you have to dress the elephant. Pick a cloth for him and make him match with the girl’s look.

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