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Title: Tangled Sort My Tales

Description: Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles…They can be so fun and addictive especially if the pictures are telling certain story. You need to complete the whole puzzle and to see what the story is about. This puzzle is telling a story about one couple that is crazy in love. Well, at the first scene you can see a girl, a boy and a horse fighting against their enemies. In the second scene you can see that the boy is shaking with the horse; and in the third scene you can see this couple kissing each other. To see the whole story you need to find the right piece and to place it on the right location in the puzzle.

Game Instructions: As I told you in the previous paragraph, you need to arrange the pieces into the right location and reveal the big picture. To start with the first puzzle piece, go on the ‘start’ button and click that button with the left mouse click. One piece will come up and you need to find the right place for that piece. Click the piece and draw to the location where you think it’s the right location for it. Drop it the left mouse click. Ask for another piece by pressing the ‘start’ button. If you manage to find the right location for the previous puzzle piece, then the game will reveal you another one. But, if you don’t manage to locate the piece into the right place, the game won’t reveal another piece.

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