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Title: Penguin Care

Description: Are you a penguin lover? Do you like penguins? Iím asking you this question simply because this game is about taking care of a penguin. First, you need to select the type of mode you want to play Ė free without time limitation or time mode which is time limited and you need to finish the tasks in the amount of time given in the game. After you have selected the type of mode, choose the color of the penguin that you want to have in the game and you can start with your tasks such as washing the pet; drying him; feeding him; giving him a tickle and everything else that the pet needs.

Game Instructions: To take care if the pet, all you need is a functional mouse left button, because everything in the game can be played with the left mouse button. As I told you in the previous paragraph you must select the mode you want to play, after that select the color of the penguin (I choose the pink one) and now you are ready to show to this pet that you can take care of him properly. Read the instructions in the game and do as it says. For an example, if it says Ďwash the petí , just click with the mouse on the pet and move the mouse cursor up and down, left and right so you can wash the whole petís body. Donít drop the click button. If you drop, that means that you are finished with the washing. To see the progress you have in the game and how long you need to wash the pet, take a look at the line that is present in the right corner of the screen. When you are finished, donít forget to take a picture of the pet!!!

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