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Title: Pet Grooming Studio

Description: Do you want to work in a pet grooming studio? If you want, you can do it right now in this game. But, before you start I must tell you what tasks you will have if working this job profession. First you must wash the pet, his hair and the whole body; after that you must dry him with the towel and do all stuff that is included in the grooming process. We all know hoe grooming is important for keeping the pets healthy and clean, so make sure that the pet that you've selected is properly clean and happy.

Game instructions: Let me introduce you with the game controls. Choose the type of mode you want Ė free mode or time mode. I prefer selecting the free mode, because in that case you can groom the pet as long as you want. In the free mode you are not limited by the time and in the time mode you are limited in time. Now that we are clear about the type of mode, we can go on the next step, which is selecting the pet you want by clicking on it with the left mouse click. Now itís time for grooming. Start with the grooming by following the instructions written at the left top corner. For en example, if it says Ďdry the petí, you have to click the left mouse button and move the mouse cursor over the pet. How you are going to know when the pet is dry? Well, take a look at the line in the right top corner. When the line is full you are completed with that certain step of the grooming process. You can move on the next level. At the end of the game, donít forget to make a picture.

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