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Title: Cute Puppy Daycare

Description: Are you a type of person who knows how to take care of a pet? Do you know how to make animals happy? Most of the people think that pets needs only food, shelter and water. Well, they are absolutely wrong. Animals have almost the same needs as humans. They want attention; they need to take bath; they want to be clean; they want to play with the pet-owner and many more stuff. So, in this game you will have to take care of a little puppy that is waiting for you to make all casual ordinary living habits. Pay attention on the wishes that the puppy has and try to respond on the wishes by taking the proper action. To know what kind of wished the puppy has, take a look at the table that is presented on the screen. If you see red line that means that particular pet need has to be satisfied. For an example, if you see that ‘hungry item’ is showing red line, that means that the dog is hungry and he needs food. The same logic applies to all the needs that this puppy has.

Game Instructions: Everything you need to do in the game can be done by clicking on the particular item. Let’s start from the beginning. Select puppy from the shelter by clicking on it and give him a name. After that, check what needs have to be satisfied. Try to respond to the need by taking the dog to that item or place. If you don’t manage to respond on time to the puppy’s needs, then the puppy will be unhappy.

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