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Title: Cute Farm Hospital

Description: We all have dream to work somewhere. The girl in this game has a dream to work as a farm pet. To achieve her dream, she finished a college and she left her job to become a farm pet doctor. And now she is working at the ‘Cute Farm Hospital’. You will have a chance to be in her shoes for one day. So, you must take the pets in the farm rooms where you need to make diagnose and do everything you need to do in order to cure them.

Game Instructions: Play the role of a farm pet doctor by using your left mouse click. As every other pet doctor, you must make diagnose and if any kind of disease exists, you must cure the pet from the illness. To do that, first see what the pet is showing in the circle right next to it. Take the pet in that room that has the same sign. Click on the pet to take him in the room. The blue door means that that room is for making diagnose. The green door shows that that room you can cure the ill pet. So, make diagnose and then cure the pet. The game has great walk-through that will help you finish your fob.

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