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Title: Farm Doggie

Description: The majority of the games put you in situation to play the role of a good guy who needs to save the world or catch the thief. This game is different from the rest of the games. Here, you must play the bad character of a wolf that wants to steal all the lambs in the farm. The more lambs you take, the bigger score you’ll get. Also, you must eat the apples that are on the farm. The game is challenging simply because the farmer keep an eye on his ranch all day. He is walking on his ranch and checking if everything is ok. If he notices you, he will shoot you. This fact makes the game so hard for playing. You must find a way to steal the labs, eat the apples, run by the farmer without getting hurt and find the door that lead to the next level.

Game Instructions: In the real life it may be really hard to steal a lamb, but in this game you will need only your arrow keys. Move the character of the hungry wolf by using the arrow keys. Walk to the lambs and try to steal them without getting hurt by the farmer. If there are apples on the farm, steal as much as you can. You can get bonus points for that. When you are finished with the stealing and you’re running from the farmer, try to find the gate that lead to the next level.

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magestic beauty (9 November 2012):
The poor doggie! It gets shot in the head! I'm surprised he isn't dead Sad  Clap hands  Clap hands But I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
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