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Title: Cats vs Mice

Description: Iím sure you know that the cats want mice. If they see mouse around them, the only thing they think about is how to catch the mouse and eat it for launch. Now, let me tell you the main point of this game. The cats want to take over the miceís houses and they use every possible way to destroy the mice and take over their houses. When you start the game youíll see lots of houses colored with blue and red color. The blue colored houses are the catís houses and the red colored houses are the miceís houses. If you want to help the cats to achieve their dream, you must attack the mice and use everything that is given in the game to make the mission successful.

Game Instructions: To play the game, you will need to use the left mouse click. To make an attack on the miceís house, you have to click on the catís blue house and then to click on the red miceís house. This way, you will send the cat to go in the miceís house and try to take over. The game has lots of options that you can use for stronger attack, so take a look at the tutorial that is given in the beginning of the game.

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