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Title: Horse Adventure

Description: Remember the time when you were a child and you wanted listening to a lot of stories and fairy tales?!?Well, I guess you loved them! So here you have a chance to revive your memories from your childhood…Once upon a time there was a small village at the end of the forest. There lived a woodcutter and his lovely wife. They loved each other very much. So one day when the woodcutter went to the woods, when he turned back he saw something that sent shiver down his spine. He knew he had to get back to his wife as soon as possible and save her! Yeah, this is a nice and romantic fairy tale, so here is a chance for you to do something for its happy end! You actually have a really serious task here, so go ahead and play this game!

Game Walkthrough: Start the game and help the woodcutter save his beloved wife from those burning flames! You should actually navigate the horse and make him run as fast as possible, overcoming all the obstacles on the road! You can see your health level at the bottom left corner of the game screen. So have in mind that it lowers each time you hit something on the way to the village! You should maneuver well the horse movements and jumps, so you have to be very careful and fast! There is not much time, so if you don`t help the woodcutter save his wife! Don`t let him see his wife burn to death in that furious flames! Ok, so if this happens, the woodcutter will be actually taken by the flying dragon and brought somewhere at some unknown and strange place! He will be unconscious, but after he wakes up, he will have to face another challenge! Yeah…he will actually enter the underworld and there he is going to meet the scary dragon! So here your task is to help the woodcutter run away from this creature! Remember that there are also many obstacles and bats flying over, so you should try to avoid them if you want to keep your health!

Game Instructions: To play this enchanting game you should use A, S and D to do different attacks. To move left or right you need to use the left and the right arrow keys accordingly. To jump with the horse use the up arrow key. Well, that`s basically it about the movements, so it`s your turn now to use them properly and help this woodsman save his wife from the fire! Give your best!

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PONY MAD (31 December 2010):
its scary and sad when his wife dies im only 8 and i nearly cried and im doing it know waaaa!!
SheraxiaDarkmoon (8 May 2010):
Does anyone know how to get past rise of the dead I always lose there lol
star515 (20 March 2010):
Its tricky and requiers coputer game skills but the tale and the whole real game feeling relly gives it the kick it needs I think! well done too whoever made this! Clap hands
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