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Title: Hip Hop Barbie Dress Up

Description: If you are girl, then Iím sure youíll understand why Barbie has so many cloths in her closet. She wants to be dressed in the latest fashion, so that is the reason why she is buying different kind of cloths. The reason we are here today is that Barbie needs your help when it comes to choosing what cloths she will wear today. You need to help her in making the right decision. I have to tell you that Barbie is in hip hop mood, so try to select cloths that will reflect her mood.

Game Instructions: Ok, itís time to learn the game instructions. Take the mouse in your hand, click Ďstartí and choose the cloths for Barbie by clicking on the cloth and dragging to her. That is really simple for playing and easy for remembering. Go on and play Barbie fashion assistant.

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roseismygirl (6 February 2013):
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roseismygirl (1 December 2012):
i got a blue roan horse today!!! his name is cowboy!! and my other bay horse rose likes him very well!! Happy  Happy  Happy
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