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Title: Big House Cleanup

Description: One of the most important things we must do on everyday basics is to clean our living space. There certain things we must do every day and they include cleaning the table, washing the dishes etc. But, there are certain things that can be done once in a week or once in a month such as cutting the grass, cleaning the yard, watering the flows etc. The girls in this game are trying to clean their living space, but they need your help. You must try to help them to clean the house, the yard and everything else.

Game Instructions: To help with the cleaning, you donít need detergent or other home-cleaning products. The only thing you need is your mouse. As I said, you must clean this place, so try to collect all the objects that are spread across the yard or in the house rooms. Find the right place for every item. Each item has its own place in the house where it needs to be.

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