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Title: Horse Kissing

Description: Have you ever been in love? Ok, you donít need to tell me the person you are in love with. Iím asking you simply because in this game youíll see a horse young couple who is crazy in love and they want to spend time together. Unfortunately, the master of the horses doesn't agree with their love. Because he doesn't agree with their love, he is watching them all the time just to be sure they are not kissing. Itís your job to help the young horse couple to kiss without being caught by the master.

Game Instructions: Click on the horses when you want to see them kissing. Pay attention to the master. If you see an exclamation mark, just drop the mouse left button. When the master turns on his work and he doesn't monitor the horses, continue with the kissing by clicking on the horses.

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Rating: 3.67 [Rate]
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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
horses cant kiss
2012survivorgirl09 (13 January 2013):
its ok Wave
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