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Forest Ride (2 December 2010):
It's pretty good. I know this is random, but has anyone tried Hobo Games? They are sooooo fun!
Charger Escape (28 November 2010):
OK Ill  give u a full walkthrough ALRIGHT:
1. Click brush to obtain key
2.Go left and you will see an old horseshoe on the ground PS Pick it up!
3.Left again to be in feed room. Pick up green apple and 1 carrot
4.Click hen sitting on hay and click, first time it won't do it, but be persistent! Get horseshoe from under hen.
5.Go left again and find red apple near the top and click boots to find horseshoe. Get key from inventory and click the purple box to find an instruction thing.
6.Now clickthe doors to reveal furnance room.
7.At the right of the screen, find a pair of pincers and keep clicking the box of kittens to find a hammer. OK so far?
8.Open the doors of the furnance heater and put 1  and horseshoe inside and close door. Then click the red ~ sign and then do 1-0-2-0 and open. click pincers to bring it to the ledge. Click hammer to make old horseshoe into NEW horseshoe! Repeat with remaining two.
9. Go back to locked doors you already have first horseshoe in place. Then make new horseshoe 1 face RIGHT. Got it? shoe 2 face DOWN and shoe 3 face LEFT. Something magical is happening!
10. You will see meteors and one will fall in the barn! Pick it up and go to furnance.
11. Now put it into the heater like you did with the shoes. Now click ~ and do 2-1-2-0, turn off, and OPEN! Take out with pincers and hammer once. when hammered, it will be a magical stone!
12.go to pony and feed him the apples. Next, click his feeding buckets. click water dispencer and put the stone in the water. The horse will drink it and is now a uni!
13. Go to the feed room and see a star in the window that wasn't there before. Click it! a hen will get frightened and shift, therefore revealing a feed scoop. click it and put it in the oats. Go back to the uni and feed him a carrot. then go to his feeding things and put the oats in his feed. He'll eat them and become a uni Pegasus! Youve finished the game Wink
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